About Astrology

Each and every birth chart represents a moment of time, distilled. It is as if Time held a bag of seeds, from which, at every moment, seeds would drop [and] . . . be formed in the likeness of the nature of that moment.
               —John Hayes

The birth chart, also known as a horoscope, focuses on the questions: Who Am I? and Who Can I Be? Astrologer, Carol Ferris, is fond of telling clients that an acorn can only grow up to be an oak, it can’t grow up to be a mule. You, too, are born with a blueprint that is uniquely your's. Your job is to grow up to be the best YOU can be. An astrology chart reveals your skills, talents, gifts, and challenges. It is a map that tells where you entered the human story, which directions might be most fruitful, and how the timing of the journey might unfold.

Astrology is a symbolic language. All symbolic languages, such as the Enneagram, numerology, the Myers Briggs, or the Tarot, are useful, but one of the advantages of astrology is that it can speak to the timing of cycles. The horoscope cannot predict your future, but it can outline a range of potentials and how the energy of that time might express itself.

Often times people will blame their woes or pin their hopes on the planets, however, the planets are not causative forces. They are a reflection of the cycles of life, the waxing and waning of relationships, careers, creative periods, or health. Astrology helps you understand these life cycles and be more at one with life, living your unique life to its fullest.

Gayle MacDonald